An easy way to see if your account has been compromised is to check your Sign-Ins, Log out everywhere, and check your email Rules on a regular basis.

To do this, login to your SSCC Email account at,, or by visiting, and clicking Email in the header.

Check your Sign-Ins

Once logged in, click on the circle with your initials in it (Account Manager), then click on View Account

On this page, select My sign-ins from the left side navigation


You will be able to see information about where devices have logged into your account. If your account is showing logins from different counties, or states there is a good chance your account has been compromised!

Sign Out Everywhere

To sign out everywhere, click on Overview in the left side navigation



Click on Sign out everywhere

Click OK


Click on your name to select it

Once you are signed out close the web browser by clicking on the X in the upper right hand corner

Check your Email Rules

To check your Email Rules after logging out, you will need to login to your account again. 

Open a new web browser, and Sign into your SSCC Email account at,, or by visiting, and clicking Email in the header.

Once you are logged in click on the cog wheel (settings) in the blue header.


Click on View all Outlook settings

Click on Rules

Check that there are no rules. If you have no rules you can close the Settings window.

If you do have rules, and you did not make them, please read the rule to see if it is redirecting your mail, then delete the rule.

You will note in this example all new messages are being deleted.

Delete the Rule by clicking on the trash can

Then click OK

Now close out the Settings window by clicking on the X in the corner

Please check your Sent Items to verify that you have not sent Spam!

If you have Sent out emails that you did not send Please contact Tech support at 937-393-3431 extension 2800 option 1 as soon as possible for a password reset!

You can check your Deleted Items (or other folder that the Rule designated) for emails that have been moved from your inbox.