Wanting to Connect to SSCC Wi-Fi using your personal devices? The information below will help you get access and log on.

Step 1 - Select Network Connection

  • Laptops – First select the network connections icon (located in the lower right corner of your screen for Windows, and in the upper right corner for Mac), then select SSCC_STAFF from the list.
  • Mobile Devices – First navigate to your settings options and select Wi-Fi. From the list of Wi-Fi connections, select SSCC_STAFF.

        *Note: You are not actually connected yet because your connection is not authenticated.

Step 2 - Authentication

  • After you have selected your network connection, a browser will automatically open to authenticate your login, if the browser doesn't automatically open you will have to open a browser and the authentication screen will appear.
  • Enter your SSCC User Name (full email address) and Password, then click Sign In. (Use the same credentials as MyCanvas or MyRecords)
  • You are now connected to SSCC Wi-Fi!