1.) To Sync your Mobile Device(s) with your SSCC MyMail Office 365 account you will first need to download the Office 365 Outlook app for Android or iOS.


2.) Once the app is installed on your mobile device launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions. First you will select Get Started.

3.) Then enter your SSCC MyMail Office 365 Email address and select Continue.


4.) This will lead you to the MyMail login you are used to seeing on the desktop version. Enter your full email address and password then select Sign In.


5.) The application will then ask if you would like to add another account. If you have another account you would like to add select Continue, otherwise select Skip.


6.) The next set of screens will display tutorials on using the Office 365 Outlook app. You can either read through them by selecting the arrow in the bottom right, or you can skip the tutorials by selecting Skip.

7.) Your SSCC MyMail Office 365 account is now synced with your mobile device, and the app will now display your SSCC email.

Confirm that your accounts Synced

1.) To confirm that your mobile device and SSCC email are synced, log into your MyMail Office 365 account on a desktop or laptop. Select the My Account icon located in the top right corner of the screen. Then select My account.

2.) From there, you will need to select Settings from the menu on the left. This will expand a drop-down menu on the right, select Mail from that list. 

3.) On this page, select General to expand the drop-down menu. Then select Mobile Devices from the drop down. This screen will show the Mobile Devices that are synched with your account. You can remove a mobile device, access your device recovery password, initiate a remote device wipe, or block your phone if you lose it.