As a SSCC student you are now eligible to receive a free copy of the Microsoft Office 365 Suite. This is a full version of the popular Microsoft Office program that can be installed on up to five of your personal devices. Please note the College requires 365 for use in all Office classes.

To get started you will need to log into your SSCC Office 365 student email account from the SSCC MyMail page, by clicking on MyMail Office365 | Login.

1.) Once logged-in to your SSCC Office 365 account select the App Launcher located in the top left corner of the screen. 

2.) Then, select Office 365 from the App Launcher menu.

3.) On this page you will need to select Install Office, then select Office 365 apps from the drop-down. 

4.) The below pop-up will display on your screen. Follow the steps listed on the pop-up to start installing the Office 365 apps.

5.) A pop-up will appear while Installing Office

6.) When the software has finished installing another pop-up will appear stating that Office is now installed.

7.) Next you will need to click the Start Menu, and open one of the newly installed Office 365 programs. Once the program loads it will ask you to Accept and start the program. You have now successfully installed Office 365


Note: On your Office 365 account page, you will be able to see the install status of your 5 licenses you have and what PCs those licenses are attached to. If you would like to move a license from one PC to another, you will need to deactivate the license that is attached to the PC you would like to remove it from.

1.) To view your install status, you will need to log into your SSCC Office 365 student email account and select the My Account icon located in the top right corner of the screen. Then select My account.

2.) On this page you will need to select the My installs link from the left navigation.


3.) To view your installs select the drop-down arrow. This will display the number of licenses you have installed and the location of the install.