If you have lost your SSCC password and have previously completed your challenge questions through MyRecords, follow Method One to recover your password. If you have not previously completed your challenge questions, follow Method Two to contact Tech Support.

Method One 

If you don’t know your current password and have completed your challenge questions follow the steps below

  • Navigate to MyRecords by going to sscc.edu > MySSCC > MyRecords
  • Scroll down to the ‘MyPassword Reset’ section and select ‘Forgot My Password.’

  • On this page you will need to enter your full email address, then select ‘Continue.'

  • Next, you will need to answer the 3 challenge questions that you have previously completed, then select 'Continue.'

  • This will bring you to the 'Change Password' screen. Here you will need to enter your new password twice, then select ‘Continue.’

  • Your password has now been updated. Your screen will give a confirmation like the image below. Please wait 5 minutes before attempting to login.

Method Two 

Contact Tech Support

Contact Tech Support by phone at 800-628-7722 x2800 and select Option 1 for Password Assistance, or by email at mytechsupport@sscc.edu. If you cannot access your SSCC email you can use an alternate email address. In the email include your name, student ID, and a phone number at which you can be reached because login information will not be sent to an insecure email address (any email address other than @live.sscc.edu or @sscc.edu). Also, students can notify their instructors for assistance contacting Tech Support if no other email address is accessible.