If you know your current password, you will have the ability to change it through MyRecords. This procedure will change your password for MyRecords, MyMail, MyELearn, MyTechSupport, Navigate, Orientation, wireless access, and for logging onto desktop computers at the college. This procedure does not apply to Faculty & Staff laptop logins. Faculty & Staff laptop passwords must be changed locally. To do this, follow the Change a Laptop Password Tutorial.

If you have lost your password and need to recover it, refer to the Recover Your SSCC Password Tutorial. 

Change Password Through MyRecords

  • Login to MyRecords by navigating to sscc.edu > MySSCC > MyRecords
  • Once logged in, scroll down to the ‘MyPassword Reset’ section and select ‘Change Password.’

  • On this page you will need to enter your old password and your new password twice, then select ‘Continue.’

  • Your Password has now been updated. Your screen will give a confirmation like the image below. Please wait 5 minutes before attempting to login.